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To reduce foot odor- Scrub feet daily with 3 pumps of Clorox Clean-up spray. Scrub for 1 inute with a household scrub brush,and rinse thoroughly. Allow foot to dry. Apply Mitchum deoderant to clean dry foot.

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if i could, i would vote a negative 10


NOT A GREAT IDEA!! I work in a doctor's office and recently we saw a patient with burns to her skin from this exact remedy!!


are you nuts .. bleach on your feet ..

Green Grandma

I won't even clean my toilet with bleach! Are you totally unaware of what toxins do to your system?


Chemicals are harmful, we absorb everything through the skin. That's why we wear rubber gloves. Anything with the word 'Clorox' shouldn't be used to treat your skin!


So I've been trying this remedy for a week now on one foot. The odor is gone but now my only problem is that one foot looks lighter than the other. Maybe I will try clorox2, since its sposed to be more gentle with colors.

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