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Alan Pickel

I get Poison Ivy every year working in the yard and I've come to find out that coming in after working and taking a cold shower (which closes your pores) helps prevent the Poison Ivy from spreading so bad. The cold shower keeps the oils from getting into your skin and causing the irritation and bubbling up. But the only sure fire way I know of of clearing it up quickly is the steroids pills the doctor will prescribe for you.

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World Blogger

not no more, at least not at East Texas medical center in Gunbarrel city Texas , they denied my wife and told her to go some where else . i was like what , and she is highly allergic , fuking tards


The steroid pills are expensive. At least were I live. For the steroid pills that I need for my poison ivy on my eye and forehead its going to be 23.99 and I cant afford that

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