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I am 23 years old and have had very few sexual partners as well as my boyfriend. He's in medical school and I'm in graduate school... neither one of us had ever had a cold sore before in our lives- so in other words this can really happen to anyone. I first discovered that I had genital herpes when my boyfriend started noticing a rash- at the same time I had a fever and had been vomiting the night before. The fever only last a few hours but kept coming back through out the next day with chills. Finally I thought maybe I had just been sore from sex but noticed that I was unusually itchy and uncomfortable. the next night after i had the fever was one of the worst nights of my life- throughout the night the rash got worse and the itching and uncomfortable feeling was unbearable. I called my boyfriend crying throughout the whole night and told him I had looked up symptoms on the internet and that it had to be herpes, but he was convinced there was no way because 'we couldn't possibly have an STD, with our sexual history.' I then began to notice that I had a few bumps on my lips but he just kept telling me that I was convincing myself that I had it... by the time morning came with absolutely no sleep, my lips had three of my first cold sores and my rash had at least 20 or more sores, at this point I managed to luckily get into the OB/Gyn the next morning, I had called immediately when they opened at 9 am and they had an opening at an office at 10 am (otherwise I would have had to go to the ER). the doctor immediately knew what it was when she saw my cold sores and took a sample by bursting one of the blisters (very uncomfortable but necessary)... she said I was lucky because many can't pee and sometimes have to get catheters. She then prescribed Valtrex and lidocaine ointment which I applied to the area and a little into my urethra. Unfortunately my first outbreak was much more severe than my boyfriends and I had to take a week off, It was extremely painful to pee and to even move around. It took about three days of horrible pain for the outbreak to finally become bearable again and even after this I had either become extremely nauseous from the Valtrex or just the virus itself and had to eventually go to the ER because I was so dehydrated... So in the end I thought I'd share my story and how I relieved the pain, yes it was three of the worst days of my life but I later found out it was type 2 (one of us must have had a cold sore first and didn't know) so we got it from oral sex. We both freaked out after getting the news that we had genital herpes but fortunately I've only had one more outbreak after and it was so minor that I barely noticed and I haven't had one since and its been 6 months- hopefully it won't come back but I can live with it if it was like my last outbreak. Anyways here are the things that I found helped the most:

-I used an over the counter sleeping medication (zzquil) to help me sleep because I was exhausted and was unable to really do anything productive.
-Obviously use ice packs as much as possible (especially if you notice it quickly, the blisters are less likely to spread) and it will just relieve the pain
-Warm baths: this was the only thing that really gave me relief, I would let the water run on the area and would do this frequently through out the day
-If possible wear no underwear or anything clothing below your waist
DO NOT: burst the blisters, someone suggested this online and it will only leave scars and will be excruciating. it will go away you just have to get through it.

Ultimately you will get through it and I believe it is much more common than we think, just some have worst reactions. I know this site helped me when I was going through it, I hope my story helps and I promise the first outbreak is the worst- its possible it will never come back. I wish I had more remedies but unfortunately this is far as I got... stay strong.

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Type two is genital so you didnt get it from oral sex. one of you picked it up from vaginal sex you have HSV2.

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