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I've had a 37-year odyssey into the world of hellish bouts of OCD, panic disorder and depression. When it gets really cranking, the fear that really gets the panic attacks going is fear of taking a drug overdose and dealing with a bizarre impulse to do just that at the time of the panic attacks. Yet the crazy thing is I have no desire to end my life! At 53, that will come soon enough naturally, and the logical, rational side of me realizes it's all three issues clammoring for my attention. Though meds do help (and I thank the Lord for the person who invented Nortryptyline), one thing that really helps eliminate a good 75-80% of the symptoms for me for the day is hard-core, sweat-inducing, huffing and puffing exercise. First...... Thing...... In..... The..... Morning. I walk 4-6 miles or bike ride 20 miles before coming home, hopping into the shower, and getting ready for work. I cannot tell you the tremendous difference this one activity has made in being able to cope. But it's imperative you do it immediately upon arising, before the panic and screwy thoughts take a stronghold. My dear departed mama is the one who first suggested that I exercise upon first arising. I was so desperate for relief that I started getting up two hours before leaving for work to fit in the exercise. It really does work. Think about it: you can't have terrifying, crazy, non-sensical chatter going off in your head when you've physically tired out your body. The crazy thought may cross your mind -- but it just doesn't have the same hold for the brain, so it ends up going on the back burner of your mind. And many boys and men, even at 53, still look at me when I pass by.......cuz you're not gonna have an ounce of fat on your frame as a side benefit to successfully managing your fears with early morning exercise. It really does work. I hope you'll try it. Thanks to everybody for caring enough to write down their remedies -- so helpful to us all.

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