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I have had these more and less for many, many years. Biggest problem ones are between the legs where they get continually rubbed by clothing. I had big individual ones removed by both incision/cautery and freezing. The last 2 times I went to my HMO's cosmetic surgery clinic and paid $100 for each 10 removed. There they did a procedure of novocain shots at each tag, incision, and cautery closure of the wound (if bleeding enough). This procedure is really quite tolerable, and over with pretty quick.
In comparison, freezing hurts like frostbite when they do it, and for 2-3 days until the dead tissue tag falls off.
I have just started a round of 'Tag Away' topical medicine I got at WalMart (in the 'As Seen On TV' section). It's cheaper than the dermatologist - We'll see how it works.

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How did this WalMart product work for your skin tag? Please let me know.


That stuff doesn't WORK don't waste your money.


tried tag away also. Several small tags on my neck. applied 3 to 4 times a day. smells like turpentine. strong and nasty. 5 weeks in no change to the tags. don't waste your money on it. gonna try apple cider vinegar methods next. if it doesn't work at least i can use the vinegar for catching those pesky fruit flies that get into the house every once in a while.


I used the TAG AWAY product which I purchased at Walmart and the skin tag is now very swollen, red at the skin area and hurts quite badly. It almost appears to be infected. The skin tag is still there and now I have the pain to go with it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TAG AWAY AT ALL!


I think those tags between your legs are venereal warts.

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