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As a child my brother ad I were coverd in the rash year round. Living in the Saginaw vally it is everywhere. At 16 I spent 2 weeks in the hospital getting massive IV flushes with harsh meds due to having poison Ivy geting into my blood stream and fear of organs shutting down. Then I did not get it once for over 25 yrs. Some imunity build up from the massive med flush. I have since read every article and studied every field guid on the plant. I avoid it when I can but I live in the woods, cut wood, hunt, camp and fish. I am in constsant contact. The poison ivy oil can stay on clothing,shoes, tools and even car seats for up to a year. Use a mild bleach/water/dish soap solution to wipe down everything or you will get it again...
I started getting the ivy again 4 yrs ago. Just a couple pimples and then it would go away. Last year I had a bad bout and today I have it everywhere! face, hair, arms, legs, ears, crotch and netherlands!! I have not been near the woods in weeks. I spent mothers day in the er getting IV's and a 15 day sterroid.
We tried all the over the counter treatments and all failed so We started making our own with trial and error. Here are the best.
A scratch and bleach bath is a must at first. Bleach will remove the excess oil from your skin. Just a 1/4 cup max in the bath water will do the job. Then wash the areas with Phels Naptha soap. Normal house soap will not remove the oil, just spread it. Then tooth paste, Phels Naptha and baking soda paste works to draw out the poison and stop the itch (but ugly and not for the all over rash).
The best we have found for home treatment is scratch first if you must, then mix up cortizone, preperation H (yes, It shrinks, numbs and heals)and triple antibiotic cream. I mix it up in equal amounts in a small container and slather it on. It works! I carry this, Naptha soap and Bleach when ever I go play or work in the woods. If I come in contact with the ivy, I wipe every thig down with bleach, change my clothes asap and take a bath with a couple cap fulls of bleach asap or at the very least wash all exposed areas.
Poison Ivy has to run it's course. You can reduce the spread and itch but everyone's immune system works at different speeds. Be patient and find what works for you.

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