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When your child is suffering and complaining w/extreme anal itching, when they fall asleep at night, take a look with a flashlight beneath their underwear at their anal opening. If they are suffering with worms, you will see them as they reflect light and try to crawl back inside the darkness of your child's anus. Take your baby to the doctor the following day for treatment.

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This is true! It's an excellent way of detecting worms in children. BUT - some worms are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Best detection is to take a stool sample to your doctor.


Since this is supposed to be a home rededies page, why would you suggest going to the doctor? You are then putting chemicals into your child's system.


'Best detection is to take a stool sample to your doctor.'

The person is suggesting that we get the doc to verify the presence of worms, not treat the problem.

Ashraful Haque, Bangladesh

yes, it works. I applied it on my son aged 6 yrs. Thanks.


My 2 year old had them Dr told me to go to Walmart and get Pin-Ex..worked to have all family members to do it as well

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