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I developed eczema as an adult. It seems to be a systemic problem that has gotten worse along with all of my other allergies due to where I live (Colorado). When I travel elsewhere I don't use the two inhalers for my asthma, antihistamines and pseudoephedrine for my sinus allergies or anything for my eczema. At home I live in what feels like a constant state of flare-up. A couple of things...

-While things that make you sweat like sports may do well to be avoided remember that exercise helps reduce stress, and I know a lot of us find our conditions are aggravated by stress. This is the most stressful my life has ever been and my eczema is awful. I don't like to, but I've resorted to prednisone just to get some relief. I ride my bike everywhere though and while the sweating doesn't help the workout does. Exercise reduces stress which reduces eczema.

-Activated quercetin has been extremely helpful in managing my allergies, asthma and eczema during lower-allergy-activity seasons. During spring and summer I often have to be on benadryl and sudafed and inhalers and prednisone. But the rest of the year I rely on activated quercetin. It's extremely effective in supporting histamine response and immune response. And it's not a drug (find it in natural stores in the supplements section).

-Hidden dangers in the home: my entire body except for my trunk was completely covered in a horrific flare-up that lasted almost two months before a friend saw it, gasped, and demanded that I go to the doctor (the next day I ran a fever and my slow dance with prednisone began). At the same time another friend who also has hypersensitive allergies started asking me questions about what I laundered things in, etc. I mentioned that my clothing smelled kind of funny when it came out of the dryer. My friend told me to reach into the washer and jiggle the drum to see if there was standing water in it. And oh my God wouldn't you know there was standing water in my washing machine. Nice job, former property management company! I was sleeping in sheets and pillows and wearing clothes that were all completely infused with some kind of mold or mildew from my crummy washing machine. Talk about an invitation for a flare-up! So if you can't figure out what you're doing to trigger it start investigating options you might have thought were perfectly fine/healthy/etc. A lot of people are posting about shea butter which is great stuff, but I bought a few bottles of a brand (Everyday Shea), fragrance-free of course, that just seems to bother my skin more. Live and learn.

Finally a word on SILVER: I used to work as an apprentice goldsmith and my company refined precious metals; I spent a fair amount of time handling, working with, and dealing with silver. Silver is entirely antimicrobial and antibacterial. Nothing will grow on it. This is why emergency rooms keep colloidal silver sprays on hand: especially for burn victims, it's something they can spray onto a large area of the body to keep infections at bay. BUT the human body has no use for silver. It cannot process it. Probably any effects you're thinking you're getting from taking silver or painting your skin with the stuff are placebo effects only. The mind is an incredible tool; don't knock the placebo effect. Taking too much colloidal silver isn't good for you; ideally it should only be used, if at all, in humans, for instant-contact problems, like food poisoning. It works great for food poisoning because you take some colloidal silver, it gets into your stomach, and it neutralizes that wonderful bacteria sloshing around causing mad panic down there. Colloidal silver for a cold? No. For the flu? No. For an everyday supplement? Definitely not. The thing is, the body can't do anything with the silver and it will filter it if it's no larger than 4 microns. At 4 microns or more though it stays in the body. Since the body doesn't know what to do with it it stores it in cellular tissue. Specifically skin tissue. Prolonged exposure to topically applied colloidal silver will turn you blue. The condition is called argyria. If you're taking it internally you can do it to yourself also. I met an old-school refiner who clearly took colloidal silver regularly: his skin has a bluish-grey cast. Also even if silver is properly filtered if you're taking enough of it regularly it can still build up in your body. We've yet to determine if it's really BAD for you, but it really isn't GOOD for you, and you're blue. Literally. Don't take colloidal silver for this condition. Yes it will knock out microbes and bacteria. But there are plenty of things that do that (soap, anyone?) and don't turn you blue. Google Images 'argyria' if you don't believe me.

Thank you fellow sufferers for all of the incredibly helpful tips and advice.

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thank you this was very helpful!


Thanks for the heads up about the washing machine. I have a newer model front loading machine but hadn't thought about the possibility of standing moisture. I will research how to check up on that.

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