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I have suffered from canker sore and tried everything nothing seemed to work was on my 2nd week,well went with my moms cider vinegar.rinsed twice bamm cured...crazy and sufferd for so many worked for good enjoying my pizza.

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My husband told me he used a peroxide rinse.It burned terrible and so I googled a cure for my canker sore and decided to try the apple cider vinegar since I had some. It doesn't burn at all and helps tremendously


Instead of swishing it all around in your mouth you can just take a cotton ball or cotton swab and put the apple cider vinegar on the canker sores and it works the same! Thanks for sharing!


Is it 2 times one after the other or 2 times a day?


just did this, just so ya know it definitely burns and stings like crazy!!!!


Just tried this and it works - feels about 75% better two hours later ..Thanks!

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