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Do Not Take Tramadol. It's a synthetic opiate- had one heck of a time getting off it. While it did help my RLS it also turned me into a zombie, it acts as a pain relie er and antidepressant and literally tells your brain to stop producing serotonin. And let's face it, it's as unnatural as you can get. Now onto the remedy on hand. Get a Tens Unit- 30-40$ online. Go ahead- google it, you'll see all the positive feed back. Best decision I ever made.

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Benjamin Franklin

Tramodol is unnatural, but the tens unit, that's electricity, how much more NATURAL can you get. I mean look at lightening, it happens all the time.

The 'Electrician' - Sing Sing

It's like I said to 'Black Eyed Lefty', as I strapped him into 'Old Sparky', 'This will cure those Restless Legs, hehehe.'

Kim Jong Un

Tens unit not goodly. Tens unit no good scientific. Tens unit no make better. Accupunture only cure restless legs. Accupunture and broth of tiger penis. Accupuncture and tiger penis broth long time, short time, same same.

Sister Celestial Nutmeg

HOLD IT!! You are both right! We use the Tens Unit AND Accupuncture AND Tiger Penis here at the Enlightenment Center. You can imagine how restless legs messes with our timing when we are chanting, playing the tambourine and dancing on one leg. Remember stay ALL NATURAL. Avoid BIG PHARMA! Use something like Kratom instead. Remember, narcotics come from a flower, but Kratom comes from a tree so it is obviously better.

Emily Litella

AVOID BIG PHARMA: I hear that they make huge, obscene, prophets. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??!! Don't they know how much evil has been caused by religion already? Most of the troubles are always caused by some false prophet. And why would they want to make the prophets HUGE and OBSCENE? Isn't there enough trouble from the normal sized prophets? NO BIG PHARMA!!


Ummm, You guys know that tigers are endangered right?

Sister Celetial Nutmeg

Keith, HOW DARE YOU!!?? Do you know what is really endangered? - LOVE, it's being killed by Big Pharma!!

Kim Jong Un

You tell him Sister Nutmeg! No enough love in world! That why I DEMAND my people love me. I love my people too. Sometimes I love them to DEATH. It good to be Dear Young Leader!


i have taken tramodol didnt work at all for me


WOW! people with RLS must all be Looney!

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