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Josh Barker

I am extremely surprised no one has used the banana remedy that I have reed. Take a banana and peel it, throw the banana away or eat, I throw mine away because I would rather stop the itching than eat,lol. Take the inside of the banana peel and rub it on the itchy areas, give it about 2 minutes and you will not itch for atleast several hours. I did this last time I got poison ivy, I would do it right before I went into work and it lasted my whole 8 hour shift and then I would do it before I went to bed and lasted the whole night. Stops the itch better than any product or remedy out there. The relief is amazing.

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Tried the banana peel remedy and was pleasantly surprised. It really works. No more itching. I ate my banana. Hee! Hee!


Wondering if this was a placebo effect or what...but I think its working!!
I'm about 5 min in...and I seriously think its helping.
I've been miserable all day....we'll see if it passes the night time test!
Thanks for the tip! I would of never thought of it. I wanted something more natrual than bleach in my bath ect.

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