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Gabrielle Crichlow

Iron supplements work wonders. I take NatureMade 65mg iron pills when I'm on my period.

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Texas Sweetie

I came across this thread after increasing my Iron take this week after a horrific last month cycle. I noticed that with the increase of taking 2 a day the week before and 3 a day the first 2-3 days I expect to be heavy has literally normalized my cycle! I have not had this happen for years! After going to the emergency room last month for feeling just really off and weird I too was diagnosed as Anemic which I knew I was from another doctor a few years ago. The previous doctor was surprised I made it to his office my blood levels were so low.

The old doctor and hospital prescribed 'Ferrous Sulfate' Iron Supplement by Feosol. You can get it at CVS or Walgreens. The old doctor told me to take 3 a day for 3 weeks that is how bad it was for me and then take it down to 1 a day. The hospital prescribed one a day.


Wow! Thanks so much for posting this! I have my bottle of Nature made 65mg iron pills and just took one! I'm waiting patiently to see what happens! I have been having heavy bleeding with clots for 6months during my cycle..last month really thought I was going to die!!!! I was so weak and mentally disturbed by the bleeding. I soaked the over night pads every 30 min in the days and at night It soaked thru my mattress pad,sheets,and mattress! I WILL Try anything at this point! I'm on day 2 of my cycle and I can feel it coming 😥 I'm here! I will be back to let u guys know how the iron works for me..and I'm gone eat lemons and lots of water along with it! Stay strong ladies we go thru a lot!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪


Been taking iron pills plus 800 mg ibuprofen and its still flowing bad. Fml


I just took one hope it helps me thank you for posting


I can't believe I ran into this. All this bleeding has me bed ridden with no energy. Every time I stand up I feel weak to my knees due to all the blood loss... Can't hurt to try this, buying iron pills right now!!!


I'm so desperate at this point I took Aspirin, Vitamin C, and Iron. Hopefully it works. The more I tried drinking lemon juice, the more I bled. Starting to believe I may have a bleeding disorder or something! I already been to the doctor and had a painful transvaginal ultrasound done and the only thing that was found was a small cyst and my uterine walls were thickened. I was too sore to stick around for the pap smear....


for those asking what kind of iron. You can get at walmart/Walgreen's pretty much any store. Just look for iron supplements. I bought mine from Walgreen's because they have one more gentle on your stomach ;)


I am taking iron pills now praying this slows down the bleeding!


I took 325 mg iron and it significantly slowed the blood flow. Thanks so much for posting this information. God bless!

Nikki D.

I was still bleeding 9 days after my period. I tried the iron pills instead of birth control pills to stop the bleeding and after taking 2 iron pills a day for 3 days, the bleeding has stopped. Now I can get my annual pap, and I suggest you do as well. I hope this helps you.

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