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Gabrielle Crichlow

Iron supplements work wonders. I take NatureMade 65mg iron pills when I'm on my period.

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Thanks to the wonderful person who share this information. I have long heavy irregular periods for years. I would bleed for months and won't see a period for months as well. But this month I was bleeding heavy and need help cause I couldn't take it this month. I googled and found this post and and thought it doesn't hurt to try. I already had iron pill because I because anemic and lord behold that same day it went frm heavy to almost off the next day I only need a panty liner. So thank you so much

S. Young

I was on my 7th day of my cycle when I did this. I get nervous about it after I had a cycle last over four months last year. I took 56 mg and within a few hours my body started to ache a little bit. My limbs felt numb, my body lethargic and walking up an incline made it hard to breathe. I admit, this does work, my cycle slowed to almost stopping within 12 hours, but now I have to deal with whole body ache and my stomach is upset because it was too much. I will do this again with my next cycle, but I will start at 18 mg and work my way from there. I wanted to put this out there for women to be cautious. You can take too much iron. And kudos for the advice, it really did help and it works!


Omg!! After reading this post and all the comments under it. Yesturday I ran up to walmart and got some iron pills. I took one and it slowed my heavy bleeding down to a normal bleeding in two hours after taking it. This post was a God Sent. My flow was tormenting and would alter the quality of life for me. the personperson who posted this is a blessing.


please can u say me the iron tablet name ?


Hello...Since I stopped taking birth control I bleed so much it looks like I'm dying. I'm anemic and typically a point or two below normal (12) BUT when I have my period I drop to an 8 - about one point away from needing an iron transfusion. I recommend you have a blood test to check your iron level. Some people really need to have medical observation.

Iron is not fun to take - some people have no issues but some have heart burn, nausea, metallic taste etc. For me...nausea with or without food on my stomach! I found that I can control my iron through food most of the time.

If you want to try taking iron...take two hours outside of taking calcium. Iron cancels out your calcium supplement. Even though Iron is an over the counter item YOU CAN BUY IT BEHIND THE PHARMACY COUNTER (I'm a pharmacist kid) don't let the lazy pharmacist tell you they can't. It's the cheapest way to buy it...usually $10 or less for #90 325mg. Again, always check with your doctor...I use this mg is because I'm anemic but your body typically only uses what it needs and discards what it doesn't.

I personally use (because of the nausea)a whole food product called RAW (Strong Blood-?). Your health food store will know what you're looking for. $10 for a 30 day supply. The ingredients are whole foods - every organic fruit and vegetable containing iron that you don't have time to eat! It's helped with my energy and my heavy bleeding is only for a few days instead of several. For improvement.

There is also a prescription available that controls the thickness of your blood lining. I've not tried it yet because I grew up around pills and I'm somewhat adverse to them. But I hear it helps quite a bit.

I know this is a lot of information but I hope it helps!


I take 325 mg of iron 3 times a day prescribed by my doctor due to severe anemia I was a point away from needing a transfusion. The first month my flow way normal and very light but this month it is extremely heavy to the point I don't leave my house because of constant leakage. The iron does not seem to be helping does anyone know of any other ideas that help.

Desperate to stop bleeding

I've been bleeding for nearly three weeks. I googled ways to stop bleeding and your post came up. Sometimes my cycle is heavy and sometime it's not. What type of iron supplement should I purchase and how many mg should I take?


I hope it will work

Nicole 32

Does, iron pills, really work, and what kind of iron pills are good..somebody help me.


I take those and noticed that I bleed more....

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