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Gabrielle Crichlow

Iron supplements work wonders. I take NatureMade 65mg iron pills when I'm on my period.

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Iron supplements saved my life. How is it possible that being low on iron could wreak so much havoc? For the past year I've been suffering from literally constant heavy bleeding. I'm menopausal, so my periods have become really weird. One thing that happened is heavy bleeding to the point where I pass out. There's leakage on floors, chairs, clothing. I have no health insurance, and extremely limited income. I can't run to the doctor or hospital whenever the mood strikes. So when I tried iron supplements for this problem because I read it on here, I was shocked. Literally it worked nearly immediately. My bleeding stopped within one day. I was so thrilled! Been normal ever since! To whomever posted that comment on here about iron supplements, I just want to say that you saved my life, thank you!


About 4 weeks ago I had the marine coil taken out to try the depo, as in the past the depo stopped my period cycle. But this time around its not worked like I had hoped.
So, I've had my period for 2 weeks straight now. I looked up remedies to stop my period and found your post about iron pills. Today I brought some and have taken one so far, amazingly my period has suddenly stopped after taking one!!
I'm so pleased. Thank you for the tip.
Really does work wonders!


I have the same problem. Im bleeding really heavy and it doesnt stop. Im going to the store to get iron pills hopefully it works me the same as it did for you ladies. :)


Did you take the iron pill with vitamin c or orange to stop the nausea.


How much Iron?


I been bleeding for a month now heavy period...I hope this tip works for me


Does Walmart or Target sell iron pills,?


I'm going to take tonight...^_^ thanks


Thank you for posting this! I had been bleeding since before New Year's and I was desperate for it to stop. I went to google to find ways to stop my bleeding and this page came up. I read your post and decided to go purchase a bottle of Iron supplements. Today is the fifth day of taking them and my bleeding has stopped completely! I am so elated! It definitely worked for me! :-)


I am soo grateful to have found this post. My bleeding has been 25 days so far. Went to doctor and they are going to setup for a procedure to shrink my fibroids. HOwever,doctor gave me iron supplements due to all the bleeding. I felt week and took one iron pill and noticed bleeding almost disappeared. I really didn't pay much attention to it, but noticed the next day it came back. After reading this post, I now realized it must have been the iron supplement I took. I will be taking those iron supplements now along with vitamin C to minimize any constipation. I can't thank you enough for posting this.

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