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Plantar warts be gone

I had planters warts for about 4 years. One day I stepped on a piece of glass. It made a hole in my foot. I thought nothing of it thinking it would go away. About 6 months later there was 3 more holes. It kept multiplying it was disgusting. Anyways about 2 years ago I went to the doctor she did the freezing thing. It was brutal. I went to get it done twice. I was done with that. Nothing changed. Summer came and I wore flip flops and sandals everyday no matter what. Up until fall. Then I notice the warts were gone. It was weird how it worked lol but I was happy. I went back to the docs And she asked do I still have the warts nope their gone. She asked how and I told her it was sandals and flip flops :) your feet can breathe, and if it sweat its able to dry easier unlike socks, sneakers and boots holding in all the yuck. Believe me it worked!

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omg i really needed that i got mine from dancing and my dance shoes


I suspect you immunised yourself to HPV virus by piercing your skin.
Multiplying holes in your skin can be the body killing the wart tissue!

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