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I developed as bad a case of fungal toenail infection as is possible. I was on other medications when it started so I could not treat the infection. It spread to all my toes and destroyed them in a short time. I researched as to what natural remedies had worked for others and came up with a plan. Then I went out and bought the following items - a large nail file, a large bottle of unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, a midium sized bottle of Potassium Hydroxide Solution 10%, Q-tips and two very small plastic bottles.
After my morning shower, I use a hair dryer to dry my toes and then I get out my small bottle that I have filled with Apple Cider Vinegar and soak a Q-tip in it. Then I use that to cover my toenails with the Vinegar. After my toes dry, I repeat the process until I have done it three times. I repeat the same process in the evenings before going to bed. Once a week, I take the nail file and I grind away as much of the surface of each toenail as I can. I clean the file after each toe so that there will not be cross contamination. After doing that, I take out the other small bottle I have that is filled with Potassium Hydroxide Solution 10%. I dip a Q-tip in it and then apply to my toenails. Once it dries, I do it one more time. The solution is very acidic and irritates the skin so doing it more often would become painful. As much as possible, I air out my toes and get them in to sunlight. At the end of the week, I empty out the small Vinegar bottle, clean it and then fill it with fresh Vinegar from the larger bottle. I do the same for the Solution, but on a as need basis. The plus side of my plan is that I don't have to devote a lot of time to treating my toenails. I also don't have to worry about stains or residue from my toenails getting on my socks or bed sheets. The downside of my plan is that the Vinegar makes the toenail surface a temporary yellow tint. Toenails grow slow so this takes some time to work. Some have reported success with taking the Vinegar internally - I avoided this because increasing the acid levels in your body has numerous unhealthy side effects. After having done treatment for three months, my toes are coming back healthy.

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Potassium hydroxide is an alkali not an acid so it cannot be acidic, it is highly corrosive though and should be used with caution


Apple cider vinegar has quite a few health benefits if you buy the unfiltered, unheated organic version (try Braggs). Ingesting about a teaspoon or two of Apple cider vinegar every morning has enormous health benefits that improve your digestion as well as your skin. Many people have begun using it as a conditioner for their hair.


Vinegar is not acidic when consumed. It causes the body to become alkaline, which is very healthy for the body. That is why many consume apple cider vinegar to diminish and prevent colds and sickness. This same concept applies to lemons and what we call 'acidic' fruits. They have the opposite effect on the body and makes the body become alkaline instead of acidic.


apple cider does not cause your body to be acidic. all the contrary. it may be acidic to taste, but it doesnt make your body acidic. it makes it alkaline. so drink it, every day. the Braggs brand.

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