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I have a condition known as the Von Willebrand factor in which your blood doesn't clot normally because the blood cells are too small and abnormally shaped. Because of this, I have had very heavy, very painful periods since I got mine two months after I turned 12, I'm now 32. I struggled all throughout school following my mothers old tricks of the trade, wearing a tampon and pad together just to make it till lunch without ruining my clothes and over dosing on pain reliever to survive. My period has always been a major event in the course of my month, something I need to plan for and plan around.

Anyway, I had my daughter tested for the same blood condition and unfortunately she has it also, but she's only 6 so we have a few years yet before she gets introduced to Mother Nature's bitchy sister. I was talking to her pediatrician and she suggested I watch my diet better, not so much as far as calories or fat or things like that. She suggested I eat less processed food. Simple as that, eat more organic meats instead of assembly line packaged, mega chain store brand hamburger and chicken. All of the food they feed the cows and chickens are pumped full of hormones and additives. Factor all those extra genetically altered hormones with our over abundance of PMS hormones and you're over loaded, your body has a hard time processing it all and you're the one that suffers.

I cut out chain store, packaged meat, started buying organic, butcher cut meat and noticed a change instantly!!! Before I would sleep for 2 days leading up to my period and then struggle to stay awake during the first 2 of my period. After changing the source of my protein supply, my periods are much lighter and more regular and I have plenty of energy. I get mine every 28-30 days instead of 35-37 like before when I consumed processed meat.

I have struggled my entire menstrual life with horrible periods and this made a difference the very first month and still does. What goes in, must come out, so do yourself a favor, make this one simple little change and I promise, you'll notice a major difference. And remember spending a couple extra cents on better meat is still cheaper than buying new pants after every cycle cause your 'Aunt Flo had an accident.'

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I've gone organic, no processed foods, quit sugar and grains, and have gone from bleeding heavily with loads of clots, changing maternity pads (at least 3 stuck together at a time) every hour and being anaemic, to being normal! Sometimes my period is so light and lasts for 3 days. Food is medicine!


I also have the von wilderbrand factor and bleed so badly. What kind of Dr do you see for that?

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