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I have a condition known as the Von Willebrand factor in which your blood doesn't clot normally because the blood cells are too small and abnormally shaped. Because of this, I have had very heavy, very painful periods since I got mine two months after I turned 12, I'm now 32. I struggled all throughout school following my mothers old tricks of the trade, wearing a tampon and pad together just to make it till lunch without ruining my clothes and over dosing on pain reliever to survive. My period has always been a major event in the course of my month, something I need to plan for and plan around.

Anyway, I had my daughter tested for the same blood condition and unfortunately she has it also, but she's only 6 so we have a few years yet before she gets introduced to Mother Nature's bitchy sister. I was talking to her pediatrician and she suggested I watch my diet better, not so much as far as calories or fat or things like that. She suggested I eat less processed food. Simple as that, eat more organic meats instead of assembly line packaged, mega chain store brand hamburger and chicken. All of the food they feed the cows and chickens are pumped full of hormones and additives. Factor all those extra genetically altered hormones with our over abundance of PMS hormones and you're over loaded, your body has a hard time processing it all and you're the one that suffers.

I cut out chain store, packaged meat, started buying organic, butcher cut meat and noticed a change instantly!!! Before I would sleep for 2 days leading up to my period and then struggle to stay awake during the first 2 of my period. After changing the source of my protein supply, my periods are much lighter and more regular and I have plenty of energy. I get mine every 28-30 days instead of 35-37 like before when I consumed processed meat.

I have struggled my entire menstrual life with horrible periods and this made a difference the very first month and still does. What goes in, must come out, so do yourself a favor, make this one simple little change and I promise, you'll notice a major difference. And remember spending a couple extra cents on better meat is still cheaper than buying new pants after every cycle cause your 'Aunt Flo had an accident.'

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This is great advice and will do wonders for more than just irregular menstrual cycles! Processed foods and hormone-laden meats are destroying EVERYONES health.


I am sorry to hear you have Von Willebrand's though I' m finally glad to have found someone who knows about this personally . My daughter was diagnosed a few years ago and we have no help with it as most doctors here ask us what it is because they've never heard of it. She is 18 and not only does she have extremely heavy periods...she sometimes has them for weeks straight. The nasal spray only works for few hours and gives her migraines. She has tried every bc known to man. Amicar works but is $300 for 10 pills and ins won't cover it even if we find a pharmacy to special order it because its so rare none here carry it. The only time it is covered is in hospital before and after surgery or dental work which she also has to have in hospital setting due to bleeding. If you have any suggestions on meds or treatment, please let me know. My baby is miserable and I feel helpless.


Holy moly i feel like i just read a horror story.


Makes perfect sense!!! My moms tells me the same thing. People dont realize what we eat really affects us. Sounds like my life but I need to start eating right!


I have the Von Williebrands too.... I was searching for relief online and stumbled across this thread... I am 32 and honest to goodness I felt like your post was my exact story haha... my daughter (age 5) was tested and also has VWD.... I'm going to try your suggestions b/c since I had my IUD taken out in May I've been m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!


My daughter was diagnosed with Von Williebrands disease. After a year workibg with U of M hospital and zero success I finally saw a natural path who found a way to stop the bleeding within 30 days. Basically my daughter takes a very high grade K+2 Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. She also takes regular epson salts baths. She no longer bleeds and has just a regular period. See a Chiropractor and get a high end vitamin regimen.


m 23yr ki ho gyi hu.m bhi last 10year s jb s start huy periods tb s heavy or irregular periods problem s suffer kr ri hu. mujy monthly ni hoty. kbi 3 mnth to kbi 4mnth m to 2mnth k interval p hoty h.mne hmare ak city gynologist s consult kiya unhony mjy 6year tk TXAKIND MF1 tblet di n injectn jb bnd ni hoty. phr 2 year mujhy mnthly pills kit khany ko di. hr roj 1 tablet .periods jb tablet bnd hoti 4/5 din baad ho jaty.n again 4/5 days k baad start krni pdti. asa 2year tk khai mne vo. at last oct. 2013 m mujy CVT ka attack hua n meri brain nervs block hogyi n m pralysis ho gyi. admit hui to neurologist ne btaya y tablets khane ki vjh s blood clot jyada hogyi h .move ni kr rha blood gada hogya h. n u knw all,aj doctrs ne y kh diya h ki puri life mujy dvai khani hogi jb jis din dvai bnd mujy phr s attack ho skta h.
esly plz kisi b doctor s jane s phly achy s pta krlo ki vo ksa h, n dvai na lykr jyada reason find kro prblm ka tbi dvai start kro.


Ladies. My daughter is suffering horribly from Von Willebrands. Recently we left taking Amicar. and they put her on birth control pills. We have had two seperate BC pills, the last one has her hospitalized with severe migraines, then we were given a combo of Compazine and Toradol to help the headache. We then a had a side effect of her side if the face tightening and spazams. With a dose of Benadryl for the side effect we are home. She feels like she is dieing. Did you not ice that I haven't mentioned her bleeding. Well the BC pill Daysee has such a high hormone, it's the cause of these migraines that she can't see, lift her head up, handle noises... I brought her home from the hospital, and didn't give her Fioricet, or the Gydrocodone... Instead I let all this crap flush thru her system. Yes she began bleeding within 12 hours of being home, yes the menstrual cycle is miserable, and bleeding is a lot.
We were given Stimate last month to use to replace Amicar, as her body had built a immune to Amicar.
My question is, hormones... Any thoughts on hormone replacement therapy, or excercising so much she doesn't bleed? I'm over these pharmacy visits of big drugs, and I like the comments about eating all natural too!
Thank you ladies, mommy in need,


I also suffer from von willebrands. My dr. Wants me to take 800 mg ibuprofen every 8 hrs and 2 birth control pills a day. In the morning and at night. This has horrible effects on the rest of my body.i get my period every 2-3 wks. So far i haven't found a solution.


Darla (and other moms with daughters suffering),

The poster who mentioned diet change is absolutely correct. I, and most of my 6 sisters, along with several nieces, have had serious period issues in regards to flooding and anemia. It was only after I changed to an organic animal products diet, started daily alfalfa tabs, and a regiment of paraben-free progesterone cream from days 14-start of next period, that I was relieved of all excrutiating pain, flooding, and anemia. For several years I had normal periods!

I know for certain those measures are what helped because a few months ago I decided to go off the progesterone cream and alfalfa because I started menopause and BOOM! I am lying in my bed dizzy, flooding so bad I am concerned I need to contact my doctor, and suffering a severe, pounding migraine because of the change in blood pressure from the heavy bleeding. My niece was the only one who was tested for Vons but I now believe we may all have it.

Cutting off the progesterone and the alfalfa brought everything back....even worse than before, so I know they are what had been saving me all those years. Do the research! Please.

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