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Hydrogen Peroxide and Vaseline :

I've had angular cheilitis for two weeks now and I have been taking anti fungal cream from the pharmacy to treat it but it has made no difference! The area just kept scabbing over, healing and then scabbing again! I have also been taking vitamins and iron as I read that it can be caused from nutritional deficiencies and I'm a vegetarian, however I do not believe they made a difference. Last night I tried hydrogen peroxide (6%) using a cotton bud to dab it on and it stung only a little bit. Then I popped some aloe Vera Vaseline on top (I'm sure normal Vaseline would do the same thing) and when I woke up this morning it's almost gone! very pleased! Also do not try to touch it at all and keep reapplying Vaseline to create a moisture barrier. Hope it works for you all.

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it's the vitamins and iron accumulated in your body enough to improve blood quality what made the difference.

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