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The best way to instantly relive a stomach ache is to hit a bowl of marijuana 2 or 3 times. It works every time but not because it fixing the problem thats causing the stomach pain. It takes your mind off of the pain allowing you to relax and think of other things which in turn relaxes your stomach. It's a form of meditation, your putting yourself in a happy, soothing place in your mind to overcome the pain signals your stomach is sending to your brain because of a health problem you may have or maybe you just ate to much. No matter what the cause this never fails with killing the pain. I pray for you.

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Tim Morrison

Hell I cured my ache with weed tea never fails I was just wondering if weed helps any one else ? Legalize world wide!


lol it did help thanks...maybe we should hook up sometime ;)


The marijuana idea is good for those who are convinced by it,I am not and on remedy sake I prefer doctor's order nor can't be that meditation using drug will cure or remedy.I think there are naturaly remedy that very useful that the drug.


Marijuana lead to stomac pain because produces a lot of acid
Don't advise people to do what you do


I just smoked a bowl of home grown habanero from south Texas and my stomach ache disappeared, but then I got the munchies and devoured a big bag of hot Cheetos , a sneakers, and a Mexican coke now my ache is back so peace... Im about to hit this shit again !!!! t(-.-t) fuck the police...


1st of all ya don't need to give ur kids a joint! U can buy the oil n give them it the same way as kids tylonol! If you look it up on internet there are tons of children taking the oil from cancer to ADHD! U can kill ur child with too much 'kids tylonol, motrin, etc... The all natural oil from marijuana is just that... All natural! Not made with chemicals. I love all u self righteous people that have nothing good to say about marijuana. Do you go around trash talking people that drink alcohol n smoke cigarettes!?!? Try doing some research on it before just acting as if u know for fact what ur talking about! 2nd of all this site is about 'ways to help stomach ache!' If u don't like this '1' remedy try one of the other 100+ don't bash the one.


The best advice on here.


So if it's for kids they're right don't roll them a blunt.... duh..... make em pot brownies. Lmao.....lmfao.....


I wish I had some marijuana...I KNOWS that would help


I thought you would actually give some useful information. Not advise us to go smoke weed. You're out of your mind! FYI, I'm straight edge and I'm proud of it! There are better ways to find relief than marijuana. Weirdo.

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