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The best way to instantly relive a stomach ache is to hit a bowl of marijuana 2 or 3 times. It works every time but not because it fixing the problem thats causing the stomach pain. It takes your mind off of the pain allowing you to relax and think of other things which in turn relaxes your stomach. It's a form of meditation, your putting yourself in a happy, soothing place in your mind to overcome the pain signals your stomach is sending to your brain because of a health problem you may have or maybe you just ate to much. No matter what the cause this never fails with killing the pain. I pray for you.

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Oh sure, lets roll a blunt for my 7 year old....


Yeah sure, my child is 10, you think we are gonna do that? Get a life you sick freak


Lighten up peeps! It's the internet. If you want serious answers then call your doctor. I personally found it hilarious, and in my physical state I didn't think it was possible. So thank you :)


This persons aCctualy very correct. And with all these people thinking its so bad to give marijuana to kids, go look it up.. Its not it can cure so many things if not just help. Do your research b4 u call ppl freaks. Because honestly your the freak.


It's the praying that doesn't do anything.


I too found this hilarious and true as an ex-addict. We are not freaks for thinking this way because it sure worked for me before. Prayer does work...anyone can's the faith and believing that makes the prayer happen.


It's really funny that so many people made comments about giving weed to children.. First of all nobody said anything about giving it to children except you.. Secondly, why in the hell do so many people think that giving weed to a child is so much worse then all the prescription drugs being given to kids??? If my kid was diagnosed with ADD I would give him marijuana over prescription pills any day of the year.. Marijuana is NATURL prescriptions pills ARE NOT. Do some research before judging other people.


I have tried this before and it does help get your mind off the pain. First, for the person that wants to give their children 'weed', you're retarded. I rather my child smoke marijuana than drink. But research if you plan to go down that route, sativa and indica are two different strains. One will make you sleepy and the other will make you hungry. Crackers, Ginger ale, peppermint candy, sleep, milk, or Epsom salt can help anyone with stomach problems.


I happen to have a bowl of marijuana havnt smoked in a coupla weeks been studying for a test but I mite flunk it cause im having severe stomach pains I,ll let yal know the results thanks 4 the tip


well you obviously don't give pot to a child. who ever recommended marijuana use is just stating an alternative. no need to name call, especially if he/she is right.

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