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Use a small amount of prune juice to baby's formula and shake well. Change baby as soon as he/she passes a stool. TIP: Use super gentle warm washclothes instead of alcohol based wipes which will sting the babies tender red, welpy rashes as they will bleed and cause baby and you excrutiating pain (both physically and emotionally). Save baby's and your own's sanity.

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If you change the Babys diaper regular and don't leave the diaper on the baby there shouldn't be a rash at all


I believe she was referring to a 'rash' caused from constipation. Tenderness, and even small fissures can occur from straining. Diaper rash is not always caused from inconsistent diaper changing. Often, it can be from a certain food they ate or even very hot weather.

Just want to be clear that just because a baby has a bout of diaper rash does not mean the parents are lacking in diaper changes.


Im so worry of my DD, she is having a very serious constipation!! Im so worry about her! Anything that i can do ?



I think those remedies on listed above can use one. But I think if u wanna solve in for long term wise, better to get milk formula with pre-biotic which is very good for children's constipation.. U shud try it out.


Try to massage your child's belly everyday and if possible feed them with fruit juice.. it will helps to soften the stool..


Try to switch to Mamil for a week, it really works on my child who previously facing constipation problem. Because it contains no sugar and high DHA! But, the pre-biotic in Mamil help to solve constipation problem!


My choice would definitely be Mamil if u would to ask me. This is bcos since my DD was 3yrs old she been drinking Mamil and nvr encounter any constipation probs at all. Her bowel's pretty healthy


I think i really should switch to Mamil, if everyone is taking it!


Constipation problem? Previously it is because I'm taking goat milk powder, once i have switched to cow's milk. Everything went perfectly fine! =)

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