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Hello Beautiful People !

I've tried everything .... And I mean everything
Tea tree oil, yogurt tampons, garlic, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C pill and all that. To the point I thought I was incurable. Depression overcame me.

Then I came across a two websites looking at the background of Bacterial Vaginosis. First off make sure you have BV, cause you can have a Yeast infection, Lactobacillosis (Which is an overgrowth of lactobacillius so some of you just keep taking acidophilus pills and yogurt tampons make it worst), AtrophicVaginosis and etc. Trust me the research I did was great.

The other website I came across had a different approach to treat BV. A mixture of Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Because I'm at my last stand I might as well try it and because I wasn't sure of I had BV or lactobacilluosis because my symptoms were so similar I planned to use a baking soda douche that is highly recommended to treat that.

Boy did the iodine douche burn ! I had to add more water ! And after I douched with the baking soda. Not even two hours later I felt a discharge coming from me, I was nervous it didn't work. It was pure clear discharge I was so shocked. I did the iodine and baking soda douche the next night just to make sure everything is cleared out of me.

Now three days later, I'm just completely free of BV or whatever completely free ! Tears of joy havesprung from my eyes. I've been suffering for 3 months. I hope this helps someone as it helped me. God bless you all

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Are these lies you all write ? I feel hopeless ..


Why would someone post lies?
Everyone has therea time for miracles so do you
Cheer up, theres an answer for everybody don't lose hope girl.


What were the measurements used in iodine, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda? Did you mix all together then douche? Rinse the area? What steps did you take?


Yeah I need the measurements too. Please please share asap!!!


I'm sorry I didn't use measurements it was spontaneous. And clean the area first before you do anything


I'm very curious what the cause of everyones symptoms is. I had reoccuring BV for 3 years because my partner was not circumcised. It eventually put a damper on the health of our sexual relationship, and end completely. I have since had numerous partners and have contributed my BV to multiple partners. Is anyone else is the same boat as me? I started AZO Yeast as a daily vitamin and that seems to be helping as well.


can you do this while you are on your period?


I have also done the hydrogen peroxide and water (equal parts) douche and it REALLY worked in just three days. Finally, I was cured of my BV which I have been suffering froom from over 2 years. Hope this helps.


I have lactobacillus overgrowth what would you suggest?


I've always douched w kelp based iodine. Only when burning white discharge was present- usually prompted by new partner. Always had good results. I start small (drops of iodine), then half ounce if needed. Much safer than pharmaceuticals.

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