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I get acid reflux so severe that it well wake me up out of a dead sleep- it's some of the worst pain I've ever felt (and I've had two natural child births!). I read many of the suggested remedies here and gave the apple cider vinegar a try; it helped a little, but not enough for me to risk lying down. So I tried the spoonfuls of smooth peanut butter. I was skeptical, but to my surprise it really helped!!! After 2 spoonfuls I felt like I could lay down again, and with a 3rd spoonful had even more relief!! I don't know if it was the combo, but I'd say try the peanut butter before the vinegar, since it tastes better, then if need take a few Swiss of apple cider vinegar too.

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I tried just a few tablespoons of smooth peanut butter and it did wonders- I am literally thanking God for you guys right now- found this while googling for a remedy at 4am in desperation to be able to go back to sleep


The best remedy that I learn is by sipping 1/2 table spoon of pineapple enzyme.
Made from ripe pineapple and extracted from the cells of the pineapple and not juice.

jordan Tan

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