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It has been nine weeks since I started having herpes symptoms. I have resisted taking meds until today, I started acyclovir. I don't like taking meds and have spent a few hundred dollars on natural remedies plus been eating a lysine rich diet. However I keep getting breakout upon breakout. They are not as severe as at first but I hardly get a break in between. I've read some of you have had it a long time at first. It makes me worry that it will never go away. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Well,Skin is a bit irritated still but everything is clearing up. I didn't have a full outbreak. I also started taking Melissa lemon balm tincture by herbal terra as I was told this is good.


Hey im doing great and good! Those bumps r gone..was only there for 2 days coz of the friction during sex..yes melissa lemon balm works well! Stay positive please..don't concentrate on herpes too much


I am doing good too.things seem to have settled down. After four months of almost nonstop breakouts, it seems like my body is adjusting and I am feeling more normal. Glad you're doing we'll.


Hi guys. I was diagnosed w GH in 2011 I had very little sexual partners at 19 yrs old and unfortunately my first love had given it to me. Anyway I was against taking a pill for the rest of my life and looked fr many herbal remedies, I found for myself that taking acicilivir one time a day and taking a daily multi vitamin and 1000 mg of vitamin c daily has lessened my OB. When I do OB I double my vitamin c dosage and tea tree oil twice a day and double the acicilivir dosage !


Hi everyone I hope all are well. It seems that no one has been updating this post in over a year! I just read through everyone's comments and I really hope people read what i'm about to write: I've had GH for 12 years. I'm female, 39 years old. After trying many many many natural remedies that helped but never completely stopped my OB, I FINALLY came across oil of oregano. And let me tell you that stuff is pure POWER. I took it for only a few weeks and not only are my outbreaks gone, but I eat what I want (basically sugar and crap), have high stress, and do everything you're supposed to stay away from to avoid having OBs, and I still haven't had anything! Not everyone is like me, however, and many people are required to take OOO for several months before they see results. However i have come across several people who have taken the Igg test and came up negative for 1&2! I have yet to take that test, but I do plan on it. I'm nervous that its not going to say what I want it to, but heck who knows. I believe in natural cures for everything, although only in herbs that are created naturally. Anyway I hope someone sees this from this original post. Good luck to all!


Hey, Me I am curious to know what brand of OOO did you take and how much for how long?


Black Cumin seed - seed nutrition provides a way to get a more concentrated nutrients. Every thing needed grow is right in the seed.


I've heard black seed oil and honey is good, don't leave the oregano oil out

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