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It has been nine weeks since I started having herpes symptoms. I have resisted taking meds until today, I started acyclovir. I don't like taking meds and have spent a few hundred dollars on natural remedies plus been eating a lysine rich diet. However I keep getting breakout upon breakout. They are not as severe as at first but I hardly get a break in between. I've read some of you have had it a long time at first. It makes me worry that it will never go away. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Shaun Ferrara

Yayyyy! I'm so happy for you! We will get through will! I will! Give your body some time to adjust to the new health regiment...I think for the time being you'd have to take the propolis 3 times a day and the BSO twice a day until your immunity has levelled up. You'd know that when you no longer have the signs and symptoms. I had similar ones like you..the headache, the fatigue...the headache was unilateral like migraine - throbbing pain in the area of the left eye that would last for two no more horrible episodes. ...they're all gone and it's over 2 months now that I'm outbreak free! Btw are you a guy or girl?.


Girl. My husband has had gh for 17 years. We've been together for 7 and I just got it. You are the first person who has mentioned black seed oil. I even bought an e book that has a very comprehensive list of natural remedies for gh and bs oil is not in there. So thanks. I generally have a good immune system so I've been surprised how hard this hit me. Also I have been told by a nurse and I have read that if you already have herpes 1, which I do, though I rarely get any cold sores on my mouth, that you are less likely to have severe gh symptoms because your body is accustomed to the virus. Apparently that's not so accurate. Anyway I really appreciate your support.

Shaun Ferrara

No worries. Perhaps the outbreaks were due to stress or your diet. My primary outbreak surfaced after I had sex with this guy who was extremely huge that gave me piles. The piles triggered the outbreaks.

As for the BSO, its silent in the west is most likely due to geographic factor, being a herb common in the middle east and africa- it's totally isolated from the western world. You can google 'black seed herpes', there are studies done on the efficacy of BSO on herpes type 1 and 2.

How are you doing these days?


Witchazel soothes soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream soothes and heals blisters aclovair cream reduces the duration i have used this method for many years and have found it exremely effective with relatively pain free bouts


I am good. Was out of town overnight and didn't have my bs oil with me, felt same activity again, which stresses me out, but got home, took my supplements and everything seems fine . I will definitely google that. Are you doing well?

Shaun Ferrara

Hey yes I'm doing great...I had this Igg test for viral load and the doctor was surprised it's undetectable. I told her about my health regiments and she agreed on the beneficial values of BSO and Bee Propolis and told me to continue taking them on lower dosage now that my viral load is relatively low. She wanna see if lower dosage will affect my viral load...I'm gonna see her again a month from now. And yes I don't have prodrome no more let alone outbreaks. .thank God for that. Btw the doctor advised me to stay away from caffeine especially coffee..and food that is rich in arginine since the virus feeds on it..this includes nuts especially peanuts, chocolates and corns. Sugar also doesn't help. But yeah I'm good and feeling great.

I befriended this naturopath and he advised me NOT to lower my dosage until I feel completely back to normal so I think you should stay put with the dosage meant for outbreaks until you no longer have any signs or symptoms.

Ps: shun sodas, highly refined food and stuff.


Shaun Ferrara

How u doing sis? Any news or update


I'm alright. Still been having outbreaks. Just a week or two in between. Have taken a couple rounds of acyclovir. Still taking supplements. Hope it settles down.

shaun f.

Guess what? I'm having an outbreak now too..down under but at the butt hole....its because of anal sex which I have abstained from for a long time


12th day off meds and having some irritation down there...had a little tingling this morning but mot a full blown prodome, and now things r a bit red and irritated. Don't really know what's up with that. I'm not sure why it won't stay gone longer than a week or so. How's yours doing?

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