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It has been nine weeks since I started having herpes symptoms. I have resisted taking meds until today, I started acyclovir. I don't like taking meds and have spent a few hundred dollars on natural remedies plus been eating a lysine rich diet. However I keep getting breakout upon breakout. They are not as severe as at first but I hardly get a break in between. I've read some of you have had it a long time at first. It makes me worry that it will never go away. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Shaun Ferrara

How are you? Any update?


It is day four since I am off acyclovir and no outbreak. I am taking propolis, black seed oil, and lauricidin. So, herpes started march 1, had outbreaks for 11 weeks with around a one week break after the 7th week. Week 11 is when I finally broke down and took the acyclovir. I recently read though and this was confirmed by the nurse that if you take acyclovir during the primary outbreak, it can reduce the severity of later outbreaks. Interesting. Anyway, i am thrilled to have a break, hope it lasts. The skin where the sores were is still not is tender even though there is not an active outbreak. Has anyone noticed that this happens for them?


Not that it matters but rethinking my time scheme...9 weeks when I started meds. Anyway, haven't received the h balm yet but these are essential oils that are anti viral. They have a prevention formula and a treatment formula for during outbreaks.

Shaun Ferrara

Hi there,
Just don't give up on the black seed and propolis as these have been tested to work in healing active herpes lesions as well as preventing future outbreaks.

I'm not sure about taking acyclovir during initial outbreak would lessen the severity of future outbreaks. But I think your nurse is true. My primary outbreaks were horrible and severe. I had almost 14 crops that itched and were very painful. The worst part was that my doctor didn't prescribe any anti-viral. She just said that it's normal and it would resolve on its own without any medication. I trusted her and didn't get any 2nd opinion. The lesions did go away but it took me almost 2 months!!!!! And with a week break, I would get outbreaks every other week. didn't stop gave me urethritis. ..herpetic urethritis. .my urethra wad inflamed and irritated that I was scared to pee coz it felt like a razor blade incising my dick!!!! That's when I decided to go to a different doctor and he put me on acyclovir course. I stopped because I don't wanna depend on drugs too much but the outbreaks would pay me a not so friendly visit! That was when a friend of mine suggested me bee propolis and black seed oil. She's a dentist and she has GH as well.

About the tender skin, it took me 2 months after the lesions were healed for the skin to feel and look normal again.

A few months ago, one tiny herpes bump appeared on my anal area. I made a paste from these stuff: black seed oil+propolis. Then I dabbed it on the bump. It was gone one the 2nd day :)))


Okay good to know about your healing time. I will try the propolis and black seed oil topically as we'll. how long have you had gh?

Shaun Ferrara

I've had GH for three years. You can smear it on cotton balls and put the soak cotton balls on the sores. Cover with band aid if that's practical. ...


Do u take propolis in capsule or 'honey' form? Which is called propolis extract. One half tsp has 400 mg. for the back seed oil I have, one tsp has 5 says one to tsp. a day. Trying to figure out dosage.

Shaun Ferrara

Both the propolis and the black seed oil I am taking are in capsules (softgels). The Propolis is a New Zealand sourced propolis. It is fresh extract. Each softgel contains 500mg of fresh propolis extract. The black seed is a cold pressed oil in softgel of 500mg each.

For maintenance:

Propolis - 2 softgels ONCE a day
Black Seed - 2 softgels ONCE a day.

During outbreaks/prodrome (until healed):

Propolis - 2 softgels THREE times a day
Black Seed - 2 softgels TWO times a day.

I used to take L-Lysine but my doctor said it is not good for the kidney if taken on a long term basis.

How do you feel now?

Shaun Ferrara

Follow the instructions on the bottle for black seed oil and you'll be fine


Wednesday was the 5th day off of the one round of acyclovir that I have taken and, in the evening, I started to feel like something was was not a typical prodome with tingling and needle-like pains--it was just some pressure and a general feeling of some activity. I kept monitoring it but it didn't seem like a prodome. The next day, I looked down there and it was red in the area I usually break out. I continued to take my lauricidin, propolis, and black seed oil, plus I put that H Balm stuff on, which I like. It has antiviral oils plus homeopathic medicines that are for attacking the virus as well as healing the skin. By that evening it had settled down and the next day, everything was going away. I did not get a full break out and did not suffer the horrible fatigue and sometime headache that I was getting before. Yay.

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