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It has been nine weeks since I started having herpes symptoms. I have resisted taking meds until today, I started acyclovir. I don't like taking meds and have spent a few hundred dollars on natural remedies plus been eating a lysine rich diet. However I keep getting breakout upon breakout. They are not as severe as at first but I hardly get a break in between. I've read some of you have had it a long time at first. It makes me worry that it will never go away. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Stefan Hendrix

Im a gay male with GH..never had external outbreaks since my first attack but what I do get is INTERNAL outbreaks. ..constanst and consistently. caused me urethritis..chronic urethritis..and the shooting pain or like a razor blade going through my penis especially at the tip of my penis is almost every week..with only a few days interval...I've been taking good quality bee propolis and it helped a lot


Yes, in some cases the first outbreaks last for a longer time. You need not to worry. Be positive about your life. You may use herbal and natural remedies which give excellent results. These remedies boost your immune system to fight against the virus without any adverse effects. I have seen many people using such remedies with good results. Some of the frequently used remedies are Hyperisince, H-factor and Alclearize.


I have tried almost every natural remedy possible. I finally started
Taking acyclovir for the week and got a break. I am going to try lauricidin and h balm. The acyclovir treatment is over tomorrow so I don't know what will happen after that. I want to get a handle on it so I don't have to go on suppressive therapy.

Shaun Ferrara

Have you tried bee propolis 3 grams a day in divided dosage as well as Black Seed Oil 1 gram a day? It worked for my persistent outbreaks. After taking them for 3 weeks the outbreaks stopped.


I'm taking propolis. Is black seed oil in a capsule or do you take drops? Is it at the health food store?


I hope it works for you. Black seed is also known as black cumin seed, black carraway seed..its scientific name is Nigella Sativa. ..I haven't come across in tincture form..what I take is the cold pressed oil in softgel. Try I bought it from this pharmacy in Malaysia. The manufacturer is called Halagel. Quality oil at cheap price..60 softgels for US10/-. Each softgel provides 500mg of black seed oil. I take two every morning but during outbreaks or whenever I feel the prodromes (signs) I'll take 2 softgels twice daily so that's 2mg during those period. I also have been abstaining from trigger foods especially coffee..its been months and yesterday I had a cup of coffee and guess what? I'm having slight prodromes now so I double my dosage. As for the propolis it is also in softgel.

I heard olive leaf extract works too but never tried it..I will try it at the end of this month and will update..hope this helps you.


Hey guess what? I've found the black seed oil in drops (tinctures) in I can't paste the link here but search for BLACK SEED OIL it's the one by Amazing Herbs

You can read the reviews there...and yes whenever you take this oil, you must drink a lot of water. I drink 3 litres a day


I got the amazing herbs brand of black seed oil at the health food store. It is not the capsules but the oil isn't too bad to take. I put it in some applesauce. So I'm taking that now and the lauricidin. I also ordered the h balm essential oils that are for daily topical use to prevent outbreaks. Those should be here tomorrow. Well, with all this stuff and watching my diet, I should be pretty healthy.

Shaun Ferrara

That's good to know. The most important thing is that you build your immune system which is now not doing that good, hence the outbreaks. An important point to note is that with natural supplements, it takes time for the body to react, so you should be persistent and consistent. Don't quit those supplements when you fail to see the result in a short period. Each of us is physiologically different. It took me 3 weeks for the propolis and the black seed oil to work, it will not be the same with may have faster or later effect. So just give your body some time, don't stress out. The black seed oil can also be applied to the herpes sores and so is the propolis. Researches show that they speed up healing.

Ps: it's over a month now that I'm symptoms free. Just a slight prodrome yesterday after I had a cup of coffee but it's gone the moment I took propolis and double my dosage of the BSO. I intend to take these two for a long time since they are safe and full of benefits

Shaun Ferrara

Do you wanna keep us posted on your condition? I will keep you posted

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