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I found keeping a tea bag on the area which is hurting hurts for a couple of seconds at first then the pain left.i would keep it on about 15-20 minutes.

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this does work last night before bed i put a teabeg on my acheing tooth and it did help thankyou


do you put the teabag inside your mouth or on the outside? a wet or dry teabag? thanks, i am here in sooo much pain i could and have cried!


Wet or dry??


i found out it works best if its dry


It's worked for me. It was hot at first but then it took the pain straight away! I am going to do this every morning because I drink yes every single morning so the tea bag will go into my mouth :) I'm tooth ache free!!! YAYYY!!! Finally some relief and a good nights sleep.


Brillant idea thankyou , fantastic was in so much pain it worked instantly . Much better than taking drugs and feeling sick , cheaper & more natural too.

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