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I had an abscessed tooth and tried some of the remedies on this site as I didnt realise I could take advantage of Bulk Billing Dentists here in Australia (I am on a parenting payment so qualify).
I ended up going to the Emergency Room at my local hospital as the pain was getting ridiculous (2 shots of local, Voltarin, Codeine and take home gift of Endone later) I came home and made sure I called the Dentist the next day. If you can get the help GET IT!!!

I have found that Ibuprofen and Codeine or anti-inflammatory are fantastic for the pain, as well as cold packs on the side of the face where the abscess is. Also, I tried the tea bag approach and discovered that SPICED CHAI TEA bags are the best as the contain Cloves and cinnamon (and other great stuff) and they really work at pulling the yuck stuff out of the tooth. It gave me some relief. But seriously, get to the dentist ASAP :)

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