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Hi. When i had two wisdom teeth romoved between 5 to 7 years ago, and got dry socket within 36 hours. I never even knew why i was in agony. The dr. Set the pain would last 2 - 4 days. So he only prescribed 9 pain killers, but those were gone in about 12 hours. If you know the pain of this you know why they were gomne early. Anyway when i got in to see him he put a strip of steril cotton inthe holes. While telling me they would taste like cloves. Now the past 2 weeks i've had 5 fillings, a root canal, and three
extractions 2 thursday and 1 today with 2 more on this friday. I already know that the dry socket is starting on the first two, cause of a rather wierd extruciating type of pain i still remember. Now after the very very hopeful information. I bought the red cross ex strength toothache kit i am already feeling better. And the clove taste is the same as i remember. So this infoon the clovesmis woeh trying...

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