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Rub a penny on your jeans to make friction. It will be a bit hot, so do it quick. Apply the tip of the penny (that you rubbed it on the jeans) to the head of the stye. It will burn a tiny bit, and be careful NOT to touch your eye. It will be gone by the next time you wake up :)

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Hi thanks for the advise hopefully it works and for those people who said y would u put a dirty penny on an infected eye there is something called cleaning it with baking soda and peroxide




Worst advice ever dirty money!!


Yeah, Clean penny first...and in U.S. try to find a pre 1982 one - they were mostly copper then...newer ones mostly zinc w/ copper plating...not as good at holding heat.


Penny works so good it's true you rub the penny on the stye and it's gone I always do it when I get a stye and it works almost immediately


It’s the only thing that works for me. I felt one coming on... Found a penny... STERILIZED IT... & rubbed it on my sty Immediately it felt much less painful... The next morning it was gone. No Joke!!

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