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Rub a penny on your jeans to make friction. It will be a bit hot, so do it quick. Apply the tip of the penny (that you rubbed it on the jeans) to the head of the stye. It will burn a tiny bit, and be careful NOT to touch your eye. It will be gone by the next time you wake up :)

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That is the worst advice ever! Rub a dirty penny on an infected eye??


No kidding, right? Do you know how dirty money is? Worst. Advice. Ever.


At least it's not sperm o.e


soak it in baking soda and poroxide. DUHH.-.


my grandma swears by this. and yeah sterilize it duh


I hope this really works.... im about to try it.


It works. I've done it before!!


I've always heard of using a gold ring rather than a penny.


I read this remedy in an almanac a long time ago. The hot compress or tea bag has never worked on any of my styes, but after learning about this crazy remedy, I haven't had a stye that want completely gone by the next day. I know it sounds weird or unsanitary (I'll probably sterilize my penny next time) but, I just take a penny and rub it on the carpet until it's pretty hot and then hold it on my stye until it's cool. I don't know why it always works for me. It just does.


My grandmother always encouraged me just to rub a penny on the sty. I never warmed it up...still pass her message onto others today. Thank goodness I don't get as many stys now than when I was a kid! Thanks Grandma.

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