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I may have never had herpes, but while browsing through remedies, many experienced very fast recovery by taking good quality olive leaf extract (especially seagate brand)

You can also bring a handful of olive leaves and boil on low temperature in a quart of water to half its size then drink the tea. The tea isn't pleasant to be drunk at all, but may be more effective.

If you need more information, just google it, there's a lot of information about olive leaf extract and its efficacy on the herpes virus on the web

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Just to support your post: Research about olive leaf extract has proved that it contains the most potent antiviral properties known so far and was shown to inhibit every virus it was tested against

Furthermore, many completely inhibited and maybe killed the virus by using it for a few months. But some outbreaks may be expected because too much of the virus will be killed that some will be forced out of the skin

For more information:

curezone .com /foods /oliveleaf.asp

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