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Susan MacA

I've had mouth ulcers periodically throughout my life. Sweets, acid fruits and stress were the primary cause. The best cure I have found is fresh organic CELERY! Chew the stalk, but don't swallow it, move the pulp to the inflamed area for ten minutes or more for immediate relief. If I'm away from home, I can usually find celery in a cafeteria or restaurant. At night, I chew a small part of an aspirin and leave it it on the sore overnight. That sometimes clears it immediately. Baking soda, black tea, no coffee, Ambersol, also helpful.

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Simon CT South Africa

I had a very uncomfortable ulcer yesterday, checked out the celery advice and tried it last night. Simply chewed and kept the swob on my gum. From not being able to toutch my face to total 100% releif - its amazing. i dont think i have ever commented on anyones website before, but i was so impressed with this solution i just had to. Simon Cape Town SA.


I have never posted a comment before, but am compelled to do so. I have had a 10 cm sore in the back of my throat for 3 days, which made swallowing and talking extremely painful. In desperate need for immediate pain relief (which pain killers couldn’t fix) I tried your celery suggestion! Magic. It was indeed “immediate pain relief”. The sore is still there but is drastically better. I’m going to continue to chomp on celery today… I can’t thank you enough for your post!

Sam G

It works!! Remarkable

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