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Oh how it saddened me reading thru all of these posts... So many, too many, young-ins in here to have to go thru this... The plus side? Your lives are NOT over by any means!
I am 29 soon to be the big 3-0! I found out I had HPV during my first OB checkup with my first child... Yep... Super bummer day! Time went on, had another baby at which my long time bf and I decided to get married... And at my OB checkup for our 3rd child I had mentioned to the doc having strange sores around my bum... At which point I was Dxed with GH... Fun. My husband and I have now been together 9yrs and have 4 children... We have never had protected sex (except when we first dating we did) and he has never contracted anything or had any outbreaks of any sorts.
The trick, I'm kinda what you'd call 'crunchy' and eat well for the most part. I only ever use Homeopathic and Natural Remedies!
Coconut Oil had a BILLION uses... Using it on my sores is just one amazing thing it can be used for. Because its an oil it acts as a barrier for comfort and helps the pain slightly. Next, Tea Trea Oil! Had amazing antiomicrobial properties and a fairly good pain reliever. And then Neem... Same reasons as above. And lastly, Aloe Vera! Not from a store tho! As in squeeze it out of a plant! Awesome relief. Get yourself on a decent diet of veggies and fruits too. Keep the areas clean and dry.
The disease and sores will never go away. But you CAN treat them and live comfortably.
So how did my hubby never catch it? We just don't have sex when I have outbreaks... At all! No playing! Except with him... Lol. I kid, yes. Because there is no reason to be negative about a life so short lived and amazing! I've lived with HPV and GW and GH for almost 9yrs now. And life really hasn't changed. Sure I require a bit of natural treatments once every so often, but so what? It's like getting the flu a lot... Just take your meds ;-) I would and will always steer clear of pills and doc Rxed medications because NATURAL home remedies will do the same thing they do, only Faster and Better and Cheaper!
And don't be embarrassed about sharing! Not only does it protect your future partners, but it will improve your own self image and worth knowing you CAN control this little pester all on your own! :-) Keep your heads up! And DEF look into natural remedies! I promise they will help!
***NOTE*** for those using cornstarch to keep dry... Yes, it works... But it also can and WILL spread the sores and make them last longer! Just use a dry cotton cloth and dab the area. Can even leave a small swatch in place through out the day if you need to. ((Btw, most baby powders have corn starch in it so steer clear of that too!))
I hope some of this info helps! I'm a natural born modern day crunchy 'hippy' and I know my natural remedies! ;-)

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Thank you I'm gonna try that


Your comment that the disease and sores never go away is misleading. The disease never goes away, true...but the sores do and only appear during an outbreak. Reading your comment one may think that you are perpetually covered in sores.


The best thing on the market is a product called Herpecillin which you can buy online.

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