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I have had psoriasis for over 32 years. Tried all the remedies and finally stumbled on a cure. Throw away every type of soap you have in your house. I am absolutely convinced that something in soap (lye? sulfates?)irritates the skin, the immune system tries to make new skin, infection (bacterial? fungal?) sets in. Creams might smother it, salt may kill it, sun may cook it, but I firmly believe the cycle starts the minute you re-apply soap. There was another post that talked about a mixture of baking soda, salt and lotion. This is basically the cure. However, I only used a paste of baking soda and water. Left it on the plaque until dry (about half an hour) and then showered-WATER only.

I discovered this accidentally when I realized how much hair I was losing. Gave up using shampoo and started using baking soda and a white vinegar rinse. After about 4 months my hair is gorgeous and thick. I noticed that the plaques on the back of my neck were less inflamed. One week ago I tried baking powder directly on plaques and I am now 80 to 90% clear. Hope it works for you.
By the way you can wash your clothes in half baking soda and half borax if you find you are super sensitive to soap. Use white vinegar as a rinse. Throw away dryer sheets, fabric softener. Works in dishwasher, also

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I am confused in your early post you talk about baking soda and vinegar then you say that you put baking powder directly on your arms and are now 80 - 90 % clear.
Is there a difference in baking soda and baking powder? Or did I misunderstand ?
Thank you.

paul markie

this is for Submitted by Paula at 2013-05-11 23:07:19 about your previous post A half and half mixture of lotion and apple cider vinegar shea butter lotion do you rub the shea butter on 1st followed by theapple cider vinegar how many times a day 2 please looking forward to your reply paul


Dear Paula,

After you have started using the baking soda paste on the affected areas, do you notice new patches elsewhere? I'd like to know if it helps prevent new outbreaks or not. I have only a small patch on my elbow, but my doctor scared me when he said that, if I didn't take oral medicine, there will be more patches on other parts of my body too.

And about the baking soda shampoo, can I only use the baking soda and not the vinegar?


I wanna ask how often u have to wash your hair n how long u have to leave baking soda mixture on ur hair.please reply. My P is like since last eight years n it seems increasing with lot of itchiness


I had posted earlier how Listerine had cleared up my hands and feet. Many years ago, Listerine was used for dandruff and that is why I thought that I would use it for the scaling on my hands. I would try the Listerine before the baking soda. Hair stylist use to use baking soda to dissolve the build up of hair products on the hair. It is a home remedy for cleansing the hair. Real mayonnaise (Hellman's) is also a great hair conditioner.


Was looking for my daughter 24 who has it all over her head and under breast. Has tried all script shampoos and oils. Nothing works. Will keep you updated

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