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I have been HSV-2 positive for 5 years and am on my 4th outbreak. My first 2 were annoying and slightly painful but I could deal. The last one that occurred 3 weeks ago was so excruciating that I couldn't even get out of bed for 2 days, I had to use a bed pan. And now it's coming back in the same spot.
A few things I have found that have worked for me is ice and water, in a ziploc bag wrapped in a pillowcase placed directly on the area. It provided tremendous relief as my sores tend to become hugely swollen before they open. I also took some Rx pain reliever which helped me sleep through the night. Tried tea bags but that didn't help, and tried valciclovir (sp?) which did nothing. Those kinds of drugs have proven to be a total waste of a lot of money for me, so I suggest trying the home remedies before spending a fortune on the Rx's.
My pain comes from the swelling of the sores and once they open they bleed ALOT, but then it's pretty much over for me. If anyone has similar experience and can give me any advice I would appreciate it. I am trying a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar at the moment and hope it helps. I will post if it works or not. Also read that L-lysine, crushed in peroxide, applied directly to the sores, helps so I'm going to try that too.
As far as relationships go, you'll be surprised just how many people are going through this, including people you know. I can count 10 off the top of my head right now and that's just the ones I know of. You're not alone so don't ever think that. After the initial shock, you'll come to terms with it and realize that even though its an unpleasant part of your life that it is just a part, not your whole life.

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Stefan Hendrix

Hi there...any update? We're waiting

Chris carboot

Hello has any one tried cayenne pepper. ..


Try treating the area with peroxide allow to dry and then treat the area with T Tree oil


I put salt and it burns... Imagine cayenne pepper

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