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My husband had deformed toenails that were an ugly shade of green, yellow and orange. They had become so thickened I could not clip them anymore. He went to a podiatrist who charged him $60 each time to trim. The only thing he could give him was a medication my husband could not take due to his other many health concerns. As time went on the fungus spread to his other toenails and those already afflicted grew thicker and more twisted.

I finally started researching online diligently. I decided to try Tea Tree oil, whether it worked or not and had a random memory in the back of my mind of a posting from Pinterest about Listerene. We are on a fixed income so my husband balked at the price of the Tea Tree oil. I thought I am going to just get the store brand of mouthwash like Listerene and try it, since it was only a $1.

The Pinterest post said to dilute in water. I thought, well, mouthwash has direct contact with skin and you can take meds sublingually, so why not put it directly on toes. I had him soak his feet and cleaned out the strange flakey growth under his nailbed and some that was growing on top. Also, I trimmed his nails as much as I could, which was very little. The color change was noticable the very next day and by the 3rd day the color of the nails looked normal. I was able to pull more of the flakey chunks out and then was actually able to trim his nails to a normal length. I did not soak his feet everyday. I did paint the toenails with a soaked q-tip dailey. I only soaked, trimmed and dug chunks once a week. I did not coat with mouthwash more than once a day. I know that mouthwash kills everything---good and bad, so I did not want to start another problem. Note: I did paint mouthwash between toes on skin, because some of the information I read attributed fungus to athlete's foot, so I wanted to make sure that cleared the normal area for one to have that problem. His skin around his toes improved in appearance, so it maybe worth a try for athlete's foot!

As my husbands toes were so gnarly and some defirmed down to the base of the toe, it took some time befor we could get the toe to grow out on some toes and others were almost immediate, now all of them have returned to normal now!!!

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Soak your feet in water mixed with white vinegar. I have had toe/foot fungus for years. This has worked! Soak once a day, everyday.

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