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For those who want to try ear candles, get two of them. Burn one in the ear and burn one without it in the ear. Cut them open after the burn. When I did this the inside looked the same in both

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Perhaps you did it wrong, as many people I know have had nothing but success with them! :-o


Ear candling benefits are false. The residue you see is from the candle wax and soot. Maybe the success comes from the placebo effect, since the placebo effect does give real benefits.


I burnt one in each ear and cut both open afterwards. One candle had clumps of actual ear wax however the other one did not. The candles work, but only if inserted properly.


According to the packaging, it isn't supposed to draw the wax out. It only serves to loosen it, which really does make all the difference in the world.


I have used them several times. At one point I found a pebble, metal shaving from a project I have done months before. They do work. Some people just don't do them correctly


Candle burning for ear infections: So exactly how is this supposed to work because I think I may have a ear infection and my ears always itch.R u supposed to burn the candle, and insert it into ur ear while it's still hot? Just want to make sure that I do it right.


This was scientifically proven that it does not really work. Do not waste your money.


Tube. Nikki: These Are NOT Regular Candles! They Are a Special Candle That Are Very LoNg 'Tubes'. One End Is Inserted Into The Ear & Other End Is Lighted. As The Candle End Burns It Is Supposed To DraW Ear Wax Into Tube.


dle itself.
Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Medical research has shown that the practice is both dangerous and ineffective[1] and does not help remove earwax or alleged toxins. The claim by one manufacturer that ear candles originated with the Hopi tribe also has been disproven.[


I've had ear problems all my life,and have benefited from ear candles. However, it will only work if you get it in there right, and I've only ever achieved this with another person's help. It's very important that you lay on your side with your ear parallel to the floor, and the candle needs to be snugly in your ear and perfectly upright. If the pain in your ear is from a blocked ear canal, this should help. It might pull some earwax out, but even if it doesn't it should loosen it in your ear and pull it closer to the surface, which is still very helpful. From my experience, you can hear, and even feel stuff moving around in your ear when it's done correctly.

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