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I just had the same problem and just saw it expanding and expanding, I only had it for a week though, I have had mild cases of angular cheilitis in the past which always subsided on their own, But this was different, it would not go away, I tried EVERYTHING I found online.. Because I wanted to solve the problem before it got the chance to become chronic. I had the typical 'clown mouth' red and dry, I could barely move my lips they were so tight and dry and painful! And of course it looked absolutely ridiculous..

I started out by putting ordinary chapstick on which didn't seem to be working, I did not know that it was angular cheilitis at that time. Later I found out that it was a little more than innocent chapped lips. But that it was actually a bacterial or fungal infection. So I started reading everywhere and tried the tea tree oil first, I had that in my home, but that just stung and didn't help at all for me. Then I tried the vinegar, same story.. I put loads of nivea cream on it, that soothed the pain a little but did nothing for the infection obviously. Then I even tried the dish soap and vaseline story, that just made my lips dry out terribly and did nothing for the infection. Then I read about hydrogen peroxide and started wiping my lips with that and let it dry and then I covered my lips with vaseline and left it on for as long as it would stay on, after every meal I wiped my lips with the hydrogen peroxide and put the vaseline on it. After 3 days all the redness of the 'clown mouth' is gone! And with each time I wiped my lips with hydrogen peroxide the dry skin came off, as if the HP was dissolving the bacteria/fungus. It did not hurt very much. Just a little sting but barely noticeable. After a few days (today) the redness is gone but my lips felt very tight this morning and dry but they looked very shiny, like new skin, the bacteria was 'washed off' by the HP but the new skin was very sensitive and tight. So this morning I started putting udder cream on my lips and every few hours I put new udder cream on them, I recommend this instead of chap stick when you are recovering from angular cheilitis because the chapstick will dry out your lips while udder cream just soaks into your skin and is amazing, I was afraid to use it while still treating the infection because I didn't want to 'over-moisturize' the infection. But afterwards I would recommend this. And to go to sleep I even put vaseline over the udder cream so it can sink into your skin and stay moisturized all night. So for me, all those highly recommended methods online (tea tree oil, vinegar, dish soap + vaseline) did not do it. just 3% hydrogen peroxide and something to keep it moisturized like a thick cream. Repeat the HP after every meal and before bed (4/a day). And afterwards for the tightness of the new lip-skin I'd try udder cream! I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!

Before I forget.. I also started taking vitamin B-complex and Magnesium (a mineral that's good for about anything! we lose magnesium while under stress and angular cheilitis is often stress related or linked to low immune system!!)

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After just 2 applications of hydrogen peroxide and Vaseline there was a noticeable improvement. I highly recommend this remedy.

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