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Hi there I have tried all sorts of stuff what's been put on here and they do work but for only so long but they is one thing that does work believe me it sounds stupid I have had a banging headache and toothache for few days bumped in to a old pal was telling him he as a degree in medicine he said its silly but get some tablets called paramol not to be mistaking for panadol or palomol the come in a black box it says on the box can be addictive so be Carefull here is the daft part get a bucket or anything you can fill with cold water get a cold wet cloth put that over your kneck and head and also your feet in the cold water it does take the pain away it's something to do with your nerve system it's silly but works please let me know if you try this and it works for you thank you and toothache is the worst pain ever argghhhhhh

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y do you dumb fucks care bout the damn spelling do yous even have a TOOTHACHE??


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Does it work?


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