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vet tech

Hi all. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with GH on Wed and I was devastated. It started the friday before with a headache then it got worse and I was in constant pain. I was taking 6 aleve a day and it wasn't even taking the edge off. Monday I woke up with bumps on the outer folds of my vagina when I went to pee I was in excruitiating pain. I was miserable but I had to go to school (im studying to be a vet tech) I couldnt focus and ended up skipping my second class to go home early. My primary doc is in Chicago so I got another doc in the practice. She took one look at me sent me to an OB/GYN who works with the doc who delivered me. She looked at me and said herpes. She gave me percocet for pain and Cyclovir 1G every 12 hours. Ive been with two people. My boyfriend when I was a junior in hs but we broke up 2 months after having sex. And one of his friends who ive known since like kindergarden. I havnt had sex since Jan 1st so this was a shock.

I tried some of the remedies on here and some worked. Some didnt. Peeing the the tub didnt help that much. Epsom salts worked good. One thing that worked ok for me was having my mom squirt warm water into my vagina while I peed. She gave me the best idea though. She gave me A and D ointment to spread on my sores so that when I pee it doesnt hit the sores. I tried it and IT WORKS!!!!!!! Make sure you apply it before you really have to pee. Also make sure you apply it all over the sores kinda thickly. You have to reapply it everytime you pee which is kind of a pain but it works I swear try it. My mom is getting me Balmex because she said (she was a nurses aid at a nursing home when she was a teenager) that they used it so the patients wouldnt get urine scald. Im waiting for that as we speak but just thought I would share what works for me

PS corn starch/baking soda mix worked good too. It burned a little at first but it went away

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I was diagnosed with GH when I was 20 as well. I trusted the guy who gave me the disease. I don't know how to inform my boyfriend that I have now about the disease. I've also experienced like an itchy burn feeling when first diagnosed and my sex drive decreased drastically. Any help on how I can tell him without feeling like a horrible person?


That's the hardest part of dating. I felt so much shame at first, so I just didn't date. The best way I found I was comfortable with was to ask if they have been tested since their last partner. And then explain your situation, I always did it mater of factly. The more you know about GH and can explain if they have questions is best. You are not GH you just have it. I had to tell myself that a lot, still do sometimes. The person who has the best intentions for you and with you won't be so easily turned off. And even if he doesn't he still may be ok with with. It's never good to talk about it in the heat of the moment, that can get awkward. One in six people have GH, it's very common, even though it still carries a heavy social stigma. Hope that helped, good luck :)


I am in my 50s and had gh for many years after much trial and error the most effective treatment i have found is witchazel which soothes the soreness and itching followed by nyal cold sore cream which soothes and heals the sores followed by an nyal cold sore cream with aclovair to reduce the duration of the attack

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