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I've suffered hives for years. I think its important to discover the cause of your hives because the treatment is different for different causes. For instance poison ivy vs sun poisoning will be different. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you should not put extra drying things on your skin, it will just irritate it more. Basic things I have learned over the years are: 1. Drink lots of water if you have hives. This will fush out toxins and help cool your skin.
2. Hot showers are AMAZING as it releases histamines but don't do it unless your prepared for the consequences of very red almost burned skin and it also brings out blisters!
3.Prednisone takes away swelling. If you have a severe reaction, it will help the swelling but it doesn't bring relief.
4. Things that bring relief for sensitive skin are:
1. Domebroro- yest this stuff does work
2. placing a wet washcloth on skin to provide cooling effect
3. Gold Bond extra strength powder- with the wet washcloth will help keep skin extra cool
-Oatmeal works too but starts to irritate skin if it dries on the skin.

Nothing else works for me.
When the hives start to go away, the treatment is different. I LOVE Shea butter. Don't get anything but pure shea butter- spread liberally on hives will help the skin heal and take away the dryness

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