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I had awful acid reflux & gastritis every day for 6 months. Anyone who's experienced it will tell you it has a direct impact on your life. The doctor gave me Nexium, and carafate, nothing worked. After hours of research I found out they're actually doing more damage. They prevent your own natural acid which you need. I decided to look online and everyone said to try apple cider vinegar. I couldn't believe it, I had minor relief in minutes, and within 2 days my symptoms were almost gone. It's been 7 days and my symptoms are gone. I also take 2 probiotics a day. I don't drink it down. I just mix the 2 oz to about 8 oz of water and just sip it a little at a time. If I think I may be having a flare up, you know the clearing of the throat, and dry cough until you throat's raw. I just take a quip sip and POOF! it's gone. I was actually able to eat mexican food today, and not one problem.. I promise you it works, just try it. If you use RAW organic it's better for you. If not,then any regular apple cider vinegar will do. I promise it works, just give it a try. What do you have to lose.

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Ive had acid reflux for 22 years and Nexeum is the only thing that works, its not bad for you and its not true that it inhibits your natural acids. The problem is when your stomach over produces those natural acids and you risk cancer from the years of eruptions. Ive tried all the home remedies and holistic remedies and they only work on mild acid reflux, mine is chronic and its as useless as taking Rolaids... Nexeum doesn't just keep the acid under control, it also repairs the damage.


to add to my post, my acid reflux is so bad, if i miss one night of taking my Nexeum, 45 minutes into my sleep, acid rushes up my throat and down my windpipe and i choke. i have esophageal damage but not too severe unless i stop taking my pills.

Help Meee!

I think I'll take my chances with the Apple Cider Vinegar! Thanks for the tip!


I'm Having a terrible time with gastritis and acid reflux just like you. I definitely plan on trying the apple cider vinegar and it sounded like you said 2 ounces of the Apple cider vinegar and 8 ounces of water and taking slow sips. Is that right? I pray that it helps.

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