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I've read many home remedies for toothaches and while most of them usually work for me, I tried to Vicks Vaporub. Now I didn't have Vicks on hand but I had Sombra, which is a topical analgesic like Vicks only a bit stronger. Worked a miracle. Also try a nice punch to the face if all else fails.

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You put the Vicks on the outside?

dr j

I'll opt for the punch in the face if your willing to help someone in need... but I've had many tooth ache.. Never once one like this... It's different.. Trust me i kno the pain!! But something is seriously wrong with this one I just want it pulled.. But no dentist open now... Have to wait till tomoro if they can even help me get in... as a walk in


definitely resorted to that punching myself in the face a couples times over these last couple days... i found it to not work at all. wouldn't recommend it.

bugga from ala

Hay I put the Vicks rub and some sensodyne tooth paste with a q tip and used some hot water with salt and my toothache is gone don't know which one worked but it did I will do it all again before I lay down thanks really need that I was in so much pain I thought I was going to have to go to the er

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