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Use only when the pimple and/or boil is ready for expulsion before doing this!
See my remedy for styes except GENTLY prick the very center of the pimple and/or boil with an absolutely clean needle after a good soaking warm/hot water (can use epsom salts with it just do not allow it go get into the eyes (put vaseline under the boil and/or painful pimple (it will keep the solution to pass over the vaseline and help keep it out of your eyes). The pus will readily drain and allow for your removal and immediately relieve the pain/itch. Use a light coating of Neosporin or other similar anti-infecting ointment.

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i have been getting boils since i was a kid and i'm now 62. i also get uti's every month or so. so i tryed this cranberry substitute (u can get it at walgreens) it cost about $8-10 for my uti's and discovered that not only did it help with my uti's but since i've been taking it, no more boils. i know it helps because i've stopped it 2 or 3 times and the boils come back, i start it agian and the boils go away. it does have alot of anti-bactieral ingredients in it. just take 1 tablespoon every day and all your boils will go away, but you have to take it every day or they'll come back. the name of it agian is cystex it is a liquid and it tastes very good. to me it's worth the money to be boil free and cystex is equal to 1tbsp = 8 glasses of cranberry juice it works for me hope it works for you good luck


while I have read almost every comment here, no one has posted anything about the Boils you can't reach? I have been plagued by these things since I was in 1st grade, I am now a senior citizen. I have had these things in every area of my body. But the worst place I get my visitor, is on my posterior. In a place I can't reach! need answers on what can be done there, if there are any that do not involve Dr's.? My experience with them has put me off going to see any one of them. Please help answer this . Thank you

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