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I am 9 months pregnant and scheduled to be induced in 1 day literally! Since yesterday I have been having a TON of pain from my wisdom tooth that decided right now is a great time to come in! I have taken a small amount of Tylenol (doctor approved) but I really don't want to take any! I have been keeping my mouth SUPER clean, brushing everytime I eat! I just tried gargling with salt water and got instant relief and chewed on one of the many teeth rings my daughter has in her closer (unused)! The cold of the teething ring cause instant relief without to much cold! I am also going to try vanilla extract! I hope this helps for all the pregnant ladies out there!

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Lemongrass essential Oil knocks out all pain. Thank you Saint Apollonia for leading me to Lemongrass Oil.


I'm not pregnant but I tried this and it worked so well with the vanilla. Thank you! :D


I've been dealing with this pain for two days now and the one I've sicks out is this vanilla one. What does it do

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