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This worked wonders for me one clove of garlic a teaspoon of Hawaiian salt or table salt and warm water held it on my tooth for five minutes and the pain disappeared... Deffinantly a miracle worker....

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Awesome this really works. Thanks


I thought it worked. The pain started again after 30 minutes. ..........


I just stumbled upon your site and read this post. I had a toothache that would not quit. Usually oil pulling with organic coconut oil does the trick but after doing that two times I was still in a lot of pain. Luckily, I have the garlic/sea salt/warm water concoction here at home so I tried it and let me tell you the pain subsided almost immediately! I may have to do this again because as I was brushing my teeth I was so happy that the pain was nearly gone I hit my bad tooth with my toothbrush! Now it feels like it is going to start its sh*!t again!.


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