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This worked wonders for me one clove of garlic a teaspoon of Hawaiian salt or table salt and warm water held it on my tooth for five minutes and the pain disappeared... Deffinantly a miracle worker....

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Did you put it in a bottle and then placed it on your tooth?


This one right here def help been up all night witb killer toothache did this for five minutes cured it right up


d best.....the pain are deadbull within mins..tnx ds tips.,


OmG thank you for sharing this it helped me bigtime....


How do you hold it on your tooth? Gargle?


do you crush the garlic and put the mix around tooth?


Thank you so much for posting this!!

I was just suddenly hit with THE most excruciating toothache of my life, the pain was getting unbearable to a point where I couldn't speak and it hurt to even breathe. Almost in tears, I tried this remedy and it genuinely worked ALMOST immediately! I was more than happy with anticipating the 5 minute recommended time but it worked so quickly I'm actually writing this as with the salt/garlic/water concoction still in my mouth.

Genuinely works! Amazing result!



I really want to try this one but i do
t know how


This remedy really works. I was confused myself in how u do this? So what I did prepared the warm water with the table salt and the garlic I put it in my mouth an place it on the tooth that I have the pain on bite into the garlic and and fill my mouth with the warm water and hold it with the garlic for five minutes. I hope this help. It truly works...


I've just tried this tip and I'm happy to say it works,even without garlic.Thanks a lot.

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